LG GF-V910MBL 847L French Door Fridge with Instaview Matte Black - Brand New

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InstaView Door-in- Door
With two quick knocks on the sleek glass panel, see inside and check for your everyday items, favourite snacks and beverages without opening the door, preventing cold air from escaping and keeping food fresher for longer.

Craft Ice Maker
Chill out at home with one of the hottest beverage trends, thanks to the Craft Ice maker. No more messing with fiddly and time-consuming moulds. Automatically make upscale, slow- melting round ice without the work. Entertain in style and keep drinks ice cold for the long haul. Good things take time! Did you know, freezing ice super slowly helps bubbles to escape, resulting in higher clarity, more transparent ice? Our Craft Ice Maker produces 3 ice balls approx. every 22 hours.* Up to 30 ice ball storage capacity.

Slim in Door Ice Maker
We built the Slim Ice Maker straight into the fridge door, so it's not taking up valuable storage space in the fridge or freezer. Fit more of the good stuff in!

Cold air surrounds your food from both the front and back for effective cooling - quickly reducing the temperature of those items stored at the front of the fridge and helping keep food fresher for longer.

Slim in Door Ice Maker
Be a boss, and never need to fill the water jug, or ice tray again. Keep everyone topped up with water and ice straight from the door.

Smart Storage French Door
This modern French Door fridge is an entertainer’s delight. Expansive interior space coupled with clever storage options such as the Extra Space compartment for your small or loose items, a Retractable Shelf for your taller items and the Slim Ice Maker that is built into the fridge door so you can utilise your whole top shelf.

Retractable Shelf
Tall bottles and jugs? No problem. Simply slide the retractable shelf back to make way to fit it all in.

Extra Space Compartments
Clever storage build into the fridge floor, provides additional space for convenient access to small items such as chocolate, eggs or cheese.

Adjustable Moving Basket
Some days we wish we all had more height! The freedom to move the door storage basket around is perfect to configure the fridge to suit your needs.

Pure N Fresh
Minimise fridge odours with this air filtration system. A fan actively forces odours through the carbon deodoriser and re-circulates the treated air.

LG ThinQ
With a compatible smartphone and LG ThinQ® app you can remotely adjust your fridge settings, so you're ready to accommodate the latest grocery run.*

Interverter Linear Compressor
With low vibration and minimal moving parts, the LG Inverter Linear Compressor is quiet and durable. As the heart of your refrigerator we back the Inverter Linear Compressor with a 10 year parts warranty


Fridge type                                                     French door fridges
Appliance colour                                            Black
Capacity range (litres)                                   700 and over
Capacity (litres)                                              847
Fridge capacity (litres)                                   471
Freezer capacity (litres)                                 363
Hinged on                                                        French door
Ice dispenser                                                   Yes
Water Dispenser                                              Yes
Energy star rating                                            3.5
Product Height (mm)                                      1793
Product Width (mm)                                        915
Product Depth (mm)                                        933
Product Weight (kg)                                        170
Packaged Height (mm)                                   1890
Packaged Width (mm)                                    960
Packaged Depth (mm)                                    990
Packaged Weight (kg)                                    181
Manufacturer's warranty                                2 Years

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